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Retail Business Management System (RETAIL-X)


Why Do I Need the RBMS?
Optimize business profitability
Streamline transaction processing
Increase work efficiency
Streamline transaction processing
Marginalization of data entry errors
Improve inventory management
Control of promotion

Who can use the RBMS?
Pharmacy Shops
Supermarkets Shops
Filling Station Marts
Clothing Shops
Marginalization of data entry errors
Bulk and Wholesale Distributers

A retail management system is a platform that combines several useful tools to aid in running a retail store or chain, such as inventory management, point of sale and customer relationship management. Our RBMS is built to include controlling all of the business processes and activities that helps customers acquire the desired products, services, and experiences from physical or digital stores they value. The decency of work data and enhancement of customer relationship is the central goal of this software. It solves the questions; who is the regular customer? Have I maximized full profit? Is my business really going-on?

Features And Modules of the RETAIL-X

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Inventory Management
Customer Management

Inventory Management
Sales Data Management

Inventory Management
Customer Database

Inventory Management
Barcode Scanning

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